Assistance Thank you Letters

Dear {Colleague},

Thank you so much for letting me shadow you for the {entire day/past week/etc.}. Working alongside you not only allowed me to see how things are done in the {name of team/department}, but it also abated any worries I had about my new job.

Observing you while you {responsibilities/tasks performed} and assisting you with {tasks/projects} was a real eye-opener. I learned a lot from you and I'm confident I'll do well on my own. Thanks again!

{Your Name}

Dear {Recipient},

Thanks so much for helping me fix my {laptop/computer}. I use it for {work/other purpose} so I'm really glad you were able to get everything working again.

With gratitude,
{Your Name}

Dear {English Teacher},

Before I met you, the only English words I knew were “{basic word/phrase},” “{basic word/phrase},” and “{basic word/phrase}.”

I never imagined I'd become fluent in the language. But thanks to you, I can now read English books ({title} is my favorite!), watch Netflix without subtitles, and converse with native speakers with confidence.

More than English, you taught me to believe in myself. Thank you for your endless support and patience. I'm grateful to have had you as my English teacher.

{Your Name}

Dear {Recipient},

Thanks for spending your past {number of} weekends teaching me how to drive. I'm happy to report that I passed my driving test {this morning/today}. I couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you for your patience, the fun stories, and for making sure I understood what it meant to be a responsible driver. You're the best!

{Your Name}

Dear {Recipient},

I'm pleased to learn that you have taken my advice to {action that was implemented}. {Elaborate on the benefits of following your advice.}

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need further assistance.

{Your Name}