Boss Thank you Letters

Hi {Employee},

Thanks so much for your help with {project}. I know you had to take on additional responsibilities which meant longer hours, so I really appreciate you going the extra mile. We wouldn't have been able to meet the deadline without your hard work.

Thank you for always stepping up when needed.

{Your Name}

Dear {Boss},

Happy Boss's Day to our fearless leader!

Thank you for all that you do for us. We'd be lost without your kind but firm guidance.

We appreciate you every day!

{Your Name(s)}

Dear {Boss},

I know plenty of people who complain about their bosses, fortunately, that has never been the case for me.

More than a boss, you've become a friend over the past {number of} years that we've worked together. You truly cared about your {team/employees} and we're all so lucky to have had such a great leader.

Thank you for inspiring us to do our best every day. I will miss your wisdom and support.

Enjoy your retirement!

{Your Name}

Dear {Boss},

Thank you so much for my {type of} bonus. I really enjoy being part of your team and feel so fortunate to work for a company where hard work is acknowledged.

Many thanks,
{Your Name}