Contribution Thank you Letters

Dear {Supporter},

Thank you for supporting {campaign} for the past {number of} {months/years}. Not everyone would spend their spare time {what they do to support the campaign}, and we are extremely grateful for your {efforts/contributions/hard work}.

{Campaign} would not have grown into the successful operation it is today without your help. We would not have been able to {goal that was achieved} or {another goal that was achieved} without your help.

Thank you for being a part of {organization/campaign} and joining us in {carrying out mission}!

{Your Name}

Dear {Recipient},

On behalf of the {management/executive} team, thank you for going above and beyond your duties at {company}.

Not only have you always been an excellent {position}, but you have also {how they went above and beyond expectations}. In addition, you {another way they went above and beyond expectations}.

Your efforts have been vital in helping our company {how they helped the company}. Your tireless dedication is deeply appreciated, thus, the {management/executive} team has decided to award you with a {monetary amount} one-time bonus.

Thank you again for your contributions.

{Your Name}