Home Thank you Letters

Dear {Recipient},

Thank you so much for the big welcome home. I wasn't expecting {a party/other unexpected detail/etc.}—thanks for putting that together. It feels great to be back!

{Your Name}

Dear {Host Family},

How are you? I'm back in {home country} and already miss {something that you miss about them}.

I'm writing to thank you for everything that you did for me during my {one-year/six-month/etc.} stay in {host country}. I can still remember my first day—I was really nervous and barely spoke any {language}, but you were all so kind to me and gave me such a warm welcome that my worries quickly faded away.

Thank you for helping me navigate life around {city/town}. I learned so much about the {nationality} language and culture during my stay. Thank you for all the helpful advice and for always taking me to different places in and around {city/town}. Most of all, thank you for making me feel that I am a part of your family.

Please stay in touch. Until we meet again!

Kind regards,
{Your Name}