Hosting Thank you Letters

Dearest {Recipient},

I had so much fun at my baby shower {yesterday/today}—thank you so much for hosting! Every single detail was perfect, from the color scheme to the buffet setup.

I especially appreciate the fact that you went with electronic invitations and upcycled decorations. You know how important it is for me to be as eco-friendly as possible! I also love the games you selected—low-pressure but fun. Everyone really enjoyed them!

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful and memorable event. I love you!

{Your Name}

Dear {Host},

Thank you for opening your beautiful home to me last weekend! You were the most gracious host—I really appreciate the fresh linens, delicious meals, and books on my bedside table. I also had a wonderful time getting to know your family.

Should you find yourself in {town/city}, please know that you're always welcome in my home.

{Your Name}