Partner Thank you Letters

Hey {Recipient},

How have you been?

The awesome {engagement present} you sent arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I wasn't expecting to get any engagement presents, so that was a pleasant surprise. {Fiancé(e)} and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I'm loving the {engagement present}. {Provide reason for loving the gift.} You really know me well. Thank you! See you at the wedding.

{Your Name}

Dear {Recipient},

Thank you very much for the wonderful {engagement present} you sent over to celebrate my engagement to {fiancé(e)}. I've always wanted {a/an} {item} so this is just perfect! It's already {on display/half-eaten/being used}—I love it!

I'm so lucky to have such a {thoughtful/caring} {friend/sibling/colleague/etc.}. {Fiancé(e)} and I look forward to seeing you at the wedding!

{Your Name}

Dear {Ex-Boyfriend},

After we broke up, I spent the next {number of} {months/years} being mad at you. You could even say I hated you. But I'm not upset anymore, and I'm actually grateful to you.

Things may not have worked out between us, but in the end it was all for the best. And you're not a bad guy, you just weren't the right guy. We did have a lot of good times together, and I'll always look back on our relationship fondly.

Thank you for everything. For {nice things he did for you}. I wish you nothing but the best, because you really deserve it.

{Your Name}

To the {man/woman} who still gives me butterflies,

Falling in love was the last thing on my mind when we first met. But here we are, still going strong after {number of} years.

I'm so glad you decided to confess your feelings to me that day. And I'm so glad I decided to take a chance on us.

You're so much more than my {boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife}. You're my best friend, my number one fan, my partner in crime, my role model, and my other half.

Thank you for {thing they've done for you}. {Elaborate.}

Thank you for {thing they've done for you}. {Elaborate.}

Thank you for {thing they've done for you}. {Elaborate.}

Most of all, thank you for loving me for who I am.

{Your Name}